Corporate Law defines the fundamental legal structure behind corporate policies and structure that often is specific to each state.   To ensure your business is on solid legal footing you need an attorney with deep knowledge in Corporate Law.   These are the rules that directly impact relations, code of conduct of people that represent your company, the company itself, and the rights of a company of its officers.  Corporate law most often deals with issues directly related to the life-cycle of a corporation.

Corporate governance and how to interpret the laws impacting the daily operations of a company are often defined by the laws that have jurisdiction over the company.   Types and ownership of shares, whether or not you are involved in capital markets, and even the type of business you are in will affect the legal parameters in which the business must operate.   Hire a qualified Corporate Law attorney with experience in your state and get the right advice.

Corporate Law focuses on the governance and financials of your company.   In essence it is the study of legal structures that define the entity.